Modular prefab lift towers

A fundamentally advantageous approach.

PMI Modular Pre-Fab Features

PMI Modular prefab lift towers are unique in the industry:

  • Built in modular sections, transported and assembled onsite
  • Made in controlled manufacturing environment
  • Utilize specialized manufacturing processes and tooling
  • Allow optimal manufacturing associate accessibility
  • Include purposeful design considerations (as opposed to ad hoc, on demand field construction)
  • Allow design flexibility for tailored customization

PMI Modular Pre-Fab Advantages

Ultimately, the highest value option available! Fundamentally advantageous:

  • Highest possible quality of end product and operation over time
  • Leverages economies of scale (volume, repetition)
  • Superior serviceability/useability due to design elements
  • Turnkey solution with minimal impact on site operations
  • Dramatic reduction in project schedule, financial, and execution risk.

Ultimately the highest total value option available
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