about us

Four key aspects that you can count on


PMI is proud of its history of over 40 years delivering millwright and lift solutions to thousands of satisfied customers in virtually every state in the country. Where some organizations boast YEARS of experience, PMI leverages DECADES of relationships built, lessons learned, and proven results to achieve optimal results for you.

Core Values

PMI Core values of Quality Safety Integrity are deeply ingrained in every aspect of PMI’s culture, process, and operations. Our core values are something you can count on without question… all the time, every time.


PMI engages its clients in a consultative, collaborative, and results-oriented relationship to deliver solutions which achieve optimal value and total return over time. PMI believes that the Company’s success is measured by the success of its employees and customers and continually strives to improve our team, capabilities, and processes to best serve the growing family of employees and customers we have the privilege of working with every day


PMI is fortunate to be located in Ames Iowa, home to Iowa State University and part of the vibrantly thriving business and social communities of Central Iowa. This affords PMI an exceptionally well educated work force, grounded in Midwestern work ethic and agriculture-inspired practicality and resourcefulness. PMI continually seeks to attract, develop, and retain the best and brightest talent available to join its exceptional team.

Quality Work, Completed On Time And Within Budget

The industries we serve continue to turn to us with their new construction, plant renovation, design services and equipment installation needs.