Our Philosophy

PMI business philosophy includes several key elements

Consultative, Collaborative Customer Relationships

We seek to understand and embrace our client’s business, challenges, and opportunities as our own and believe strongly that the best possible outcomes are achieved when we work “with” rather than “for” our clients, leveraging the combined knowledge and resources of both to achieve exceptional results for all.

Solutions Approach

Though PMI possesses expertise in a wide variety of detailed products and applications, our greatest value is the ability to craft comprehensive solutions that integrate products and processes together into complete seamless solutions that meet or exceed customer needs.


Modular Prefab Methodologies

Wherever possible we leverage the advantages of modular prefab manufacturing and construction techniques. By planning and performing as much work as possible in advance and in a centralized, controlled environment, and then assembling prefabricated components onsite we are able to reduce total costs, increase quality, eliminate risk, and dramatically reduce jobsite impacts.