core values

Quality, Safety, Integrity is not just a tag line – it’s inherent in everything we do.


Simply described as ‘Done Right”. The solutions and services we provide to customers exceed minimum specification to deliver superior value over time.


The work we do and solutions we provide involve potential risk which cannot be taken lightly. PMI is committed to enhancing the safety of employees and customer personnel alike with dedicated safety personnel and strict adherence to safety precautions.



PMI believes deeply that the foundation of successful relationships requires unwavering honesty, respect for others, and authentic accountability to word and deed, all motivated by consistently positive intent.

Core Values In Action

PMI screens every potential new employee using specialized assessment processes and tools to determine a fit with the PMI core values… this a non-negotiable requirement to even being considered for joining the PMI team

We evaluate all PMI team members, from top to bottom, for every day exhibition of 7 key behaviors which demonstrate embodiment our the core values as part of our standard HR performance review processes