lift elevator solutions

Experienced, licensed expertise to solve any lift issue you may have

New Lift Installs

  • Renovation or new construction
  • Turnkey Design / Build Projects
  • Industrial SPPE and Freight Applications
  • Innovative Modular Prefab Towers
  • Proven Belted Manlift Replacement Experts

Lift Inspection, Service and Repair

  • Code-mandated Inspections, Load Tests, etc.
  • Maintenance / Repairs
  • Code Compliance
  • Certifications
  • Licensed Install Supervision
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Consulting

Modular Prefab Lift Towers

A fundamentally advantageous approach

  • Proven Designs Engineered to Specific Application Requirements
  • Modular Sections Manufactured in Controlled Offsite Environment
  • Each Section Completely Loaded with Plug and Play Components
  • Shipped by Truck and Assembled Onsite In As Little As One Day
  • Delivers Huge Benefits in Quality, Time, Ease, and Risk

Belted manlift replacement experts

  • Turnkey Solution From a Single Trusted Partner
  • Experience Having Replaced Many Hundreds of Belted Manlifts
  • Highly Predictable and Effective Process Leveraging Advantages of PMI’s Modular Prefab Lift Tower Implementation

What lift-related solution can we help you with?